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Custer Consulting Group provides market research, business analyses and forecasts for the electronic equipment and solar/photovoltaic supply chains including semiconductors, printed circuit boards & other passive components, photovoltaic cells & modules, EMS, ODM & related assembly activities and materials & process equipment.
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Electronic Industry Business Outlook

More than 1150 presentation slides with charts and associated data.
Continuously Updated!
Categories include:

  • Global Economy
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Semiconductors & passive components
  • Solar/Photovoltaic equipment & components
  • EMS & ODM services
  • PCB Fabrication & assembly
  • Materials & process equipment
  • Forecasts & Outlook
  • Sales, Net Income & Inventory Levels – Key Electronics Companies

The Business Outlook charts and accompanying data are provided in four sets:

  • Electronic equipment supply chain – economy, end markets, active & passive components, EMS/ODM sectors, PCB fabrication & assembly, materials & process equipment, business models & forecasts
  • Solar/Photovoltaic markets, historical data and forecasts including panels, modules and cells as well as materials and process equipment used in their manufacture
  • Financial charts for key electronic equipment manufacturers by type including historical revenues, net income and inventory with individual company forecasts where available. Also included are composite historical financials for each electronic equipment sector as well as for total electronic equipment. Equipment sectors covered include computers, Internet/data communication, data storage, peripherals, business & office, communication, SEMI fab, test & measurement, consumer, automotive, medical electronics, instruments & controls, military/aerospace, safety & other equipment.
  • Financial charts for key members of the electronic supply chain including historical revenues, net income and inventory with individual company forecasts where available. Sectors covered include EMS & ODM companies, PCB fabricators, semiconductor, memory & passive component makers, component distributors, material & PCB laminate producers and process/assembly equipment suppliers.

These color presentation slides with supportive data are suitable for

strategic planning, sales and management meetings, bank & analyst presentations and employee & stockholder updates. They contain historical global and regional data and forecasts as appropriate for:
  • Business cycles, market drivers and the relationship between components, materials, process equipment and end market demand
  • Global economy including size, geographic scope & growth
  • Leading indicators
  • Currency exchange rates & impact
  • Electronic equipment end markets including global & regional growth
  • Solar/photovoltaic supply chain
  • Semiconductor world & regional markets and growth
  • Electronic component distribution
  • EMS/ODM markets
  • Printed circuit board fabrication and assembly
  • Electronic materials, process & assembly equipment
  • Business models with regional and global forecasts for key items above

Source references are provided for all charts.The presentations are timely and constantly updated. Purchasers will receive monthly DVDs plus e-mailed mid-month updates, as well as reasonable phone consultation and “emergency” updates to meet the needs of pressing presentations. The monthly DVD mailing contains the complete file in four formats – PowerPoint PPT, Harvard Graphics PRS, Adobe Acrobat PDF and Graphics JPG. The mid-month e-mailed updates are in PDF and if desired PRS. Both the Acrobat and Harvard Graphics files are small enough to allow distribution via e-mail.

Business Outlook subscribers also receive our weekly Market Comments – timely updates of the past week’s market activities.

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