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Custer Consulting Group provides market research, business analyses and forecasts for the electronic equipment and solar/photovoltaic supply chains including semiconductors, printed circuit boards & other passive components, photovoltaic cells & modules, EMS, ODM & related assembly activities and materials & process equipment.


This e-mail based service delivers very timely news relating to global PCB fabrication and assembly, semiconductor and electronic equipment companies as well as key raw material and process equipment suppliers for these industries. Using a multitude of global sources between 500 - 1000 news articles are reviewed daily and the most relevant ones condensed and sent via e-mail to each subscriber. This is an easy, cost effective method of obtaining current industry news without resorting to time-consuming and expensive daily searches.

Subscribers to either product also receive our monthly California Circuits Association and Global SMT & Packaging "Market Outlook" columns the day they are written - approximately 25 days before they appear in print or are posted on this website.

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Electronic Industry Daily News

The Daily News is a timely partner product to Custer Consulting Group’s Business Outlook that tracks the electronics manufacturing supply chain with a focus on business activities, economic indicators, industry financials and end-market demand that is aggregated from multiple sources and packaged with a table of contents in a Microsoft Word file and emailed six-days-a-week.
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Solar Photovoltaic Daily News

Solar/Photovoltaic Daily News is a time-saving compilation that provides effective decision makers timely business intelligence which includes: industry financials, business indicators, supply chain business news by sector and end market demand analysis that identify trends, opportunities and changes in this dynamic global market.

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