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In some cases, we have included the 50-day and 200-day moving averages in the following price charts.  At times when a commodity price is in a downtrend and the moving averages are in a downtrend as well.   When the long-term 200-day Simple Moving Average is in an uptrend; this often is interpreted as a signal that the market is quite strong.  When the 50-day moving average crosses above or below the 200-day moving it is useful information the longer-term trend in price is changing.

Spot Oil, West Texas –
Spot High-Grade

PPI: Semiconductor and Other Electronic Component Manufacturing – FRED

PPI: Chemicals: Chlorine, Sodium Hydroxide, & Other AlkaliesFRED
PPI: Copper Wire and CableFRED
PPI: Synthetic Resin and Rubber Adhesives – FRED

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Trade Weighted U.S. Dollar Index: Broad, Goods  – FRED, St. Louis Federal Reserve

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