Business Outlook

Electronic Industry “Business Outlook” 

This is 1300+ chart/data presentation divided into four groups:
· Business & market overview (Business.pptx)
· Electronic equipment companies (Rev-eleq.pptx)
· EMS/ODM, component, material & process equipment companies (Rev-oth.pptx)
· Solar/photovoltaic industry (Photovoltaic.pptx)

Information includes:

· Global Economy, Business Cycles & Leading Indicators
· Electronic Equipment
· Semiconductors & passive components
· Solar/Photovoltaic panels
· EMS & ODM services
· PCB Fabrication
· Material & process equipment
· Forecasts & Outlook

Daily News Services

Electronic Industry Supply Chain Daily News Service

This e-mail based service delivers very timely news relating to global PCB fabrication & assembly, semiconductor and electronic equipment companies as well as key raw material and process equipment suppliers for these industries. Using a multitude of global sources between 500 – 2000 news articles are reviewed daily and the most relevant ones condensed and sent via e-mail to each subscriber. This is an easy, cost-effective method of obtaining current industry news without resorting to time-consuming and expensive daily searches.

Solar/Photovoltaic Daily News Service

The same format as our Electronic Industry Daily News but focused on Solar/Photovoltaic panel production. It covers the entire solar panel supply chain including panel producers and material and process equipment suppliers.

Automotive Electronics Manufacturing Daily News Service

This Daily News service focuses on the traditional fossil fuel automobile as well as alternative energy vehicles. Included are current news articles that focus on batteries, autonomous vehicles and Advance Driver Assistance Systems, Electric Vehicle Charging and infrastructure, Cockpit Electronics, Displays, Electronics Components and Electronic Systems, Lidar & Radar, Telematics and many other topics that are providing opportunities within the Automotive and Vehicle industry.

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