Electronics Manufacturers Face Delays In Product Shipments

The IPC is reporting that electronic manufacturers could face up to five-week delays in product shipments due to the supply chain shock caused by the coronavirus.  Shipping delays from China and other countries are already having a negative impact.

The IPC said 65% of manufacturers report their suppliers expect an average of a three-week delay.  Electronics manufacturers expect even longer delays with executives expecting shipment delays to be at least five weeks.  Their industry survey was conducted between February 11–16, 2020.


The delays will likely have ripple effects for the rest of the year…The longer China is affected by the epidemic, and the more it spreads to other parts of the world, the supply chain will experience more and varied strains and disruptions. — John Mitchell, IPC president and CEO.

More than 80% of electronics manufacturers and suppliers are worried about the epidemic’s impact on their business operations.

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