Tesla Hardware 3: “It could end the auto industry supply chain as we know it”

Toyota and Volkswagen each sell over 10 million cars annually. Tesla delivered close to 370,000 in 2019.  In terms of electronics technology, however, Tesla is light years ahead of the industry leaders.

According to Nikkei, Tesla’s integrated central control unit, or “full self-driving computer,” also known as Hardware 3, is the company’s biggest advantage in the growing EV market. It could end the auto industry supply chain as we know it.

One stunned engineer from a major Japanese automaker examined the computer and declared, “We cannot do it.”


The kind of electronic platform, with a powerful computer, is essential to handling heavy data for autonomous cars.  Industry insiders expect the technology will become ubiquitous around 2025.

The module includes two custom, 260-sq.-millimeter AI chips. Tesla developed the chips on its own, along with special software designed to complement the hardware. The computer powers the cars’ self-driving capabilities and the advanced in-car “infotainment” system.

Some automakers worry that computers like Tesla’s will render obsolete the parts supply chains they have been developed over the years.

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