The Trend Toward Hyperautomation & Autonomous Things

Michael Kung, a senior partner at the US research and advisory firm Gartner Inc, told reporters at a press conference in Taiwan yesterday hyper-automation tops the list of 10 most important strategic technology trends for next year.

The ultimate goal of hyperautomation is to automate anything that can be automated, everything from single tasks to entire business operations… Among all trends that we have uncovered over the course of the year, I believe that hyperautomation and autonomous things are the two most crucial trends that businesses shouldn’t ignore… By taking hold of related technologies, businesses can transform and satisfy key performance indicators..It might be hard for us to visualize, but autonomous devices will be much more perceptive and will be able to interact with other devices.  Michael Kung, Tapei Times

Gartner research director of personal technologies Lu Chun-kuan also predicted that AI-related research conducted by businesses would increase 10-fold over the next five years, from an average of three to 30.    See full article at Tapei Times here